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Primrose path capital creates the opportunity for everyone to earn 10%, 20% and 30% return on investment over a period of 20 working days with as low as #50,000.

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Primrose path capital Options

Regular plan

For 3 month plan ( 10% ROI in 20 working days)

Golden plan

for 6 month plan (20% ROI in 20 working days)

Premium plan

1 year plan (30% ROI in 20 working days)


With interest return as high as 30% in 20 working days, Primrose path capital is where you should invest.


With over 20,000 consultants subscribed to our platform and over 4 years of successful real estate dealings, We can confidently say your investment is safe with us and can count on us


We will be providing you with steady weekly details on your investment. Also through your account created on our website, you can easily access your information as well as monitor the growth of your investment.

Timely Delivery

Based on your preferred investment duration, your capital and accrued investment will be readily available for collection once your investment is mature.

High Returns

With interest returns as high as 72%, Landvest is where you should be investing.

Real Estate Investment Is An Excellent Hedge Against Inflation

inflation affects the prices of properties positively, causing the investment value to increase. Hence, real estate investors in Nigeria are protected from both short-term and long-term negative effects of inflation. With real estate investments, one can generate as much passive income as possible. Regardless of the employment status of the investor, profit will always roll in

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